Fairbanks Morse Stationary diesel engine

A Fairbanks-Morse stationary diesel engine 

Look closely - there are people in this picture!

It will give you an idea of the size of the engine.

How to Burn Used Oil in YOur Diesel Engine

I am not going to get into what is the best thing for you to do if you are thinking of burning used oil in your diesel engine.

I will say that I have had diesels running on both used and new (out of the pail) engine oil and both worked well. Both used and new oils are generally to thick to use but will work in a pinch. By this I mean if you are stuck with no diesel but have a couple of gallons of oil you can use it for fuel.

I am not talking about using this as fuel in just these heavy stationary engines like in the picture. I mean you can use used oil in your pickup truck and any other diesel engine you have that you want to cut fuel costs on.

This applies to vegetable oils, tallow (liquidized of course), and any other form of clean oil.

The best way to use it is mix it about 50% with diesel or kerosene, jet fuel will work as well. What you are doing is thinning it so it will flow better.

If you are using vegetable oil or used oil from your local fish and chip shop you should add 1 gallon of regular gas per 25 gallons of your oil/diesel mix. I do this and as you will see so do others. The idea behind it is that it makes the glycine burn in your engine. Glycerin is what cokes up your injectors and sticks the rings. It does this because it needs high temperatures to burn. Mixed with gas it burns at lower temperatures and cleaner - no coking.

Here are a couple of places that you can hook up with to learn more..

This guy uses soybeans and sunflowers to power all his diesel equipment. In case you miss it here is a link to the place that sells the press he uses. It looks like he may be closed down. I will see if I can find a new source for you soon.

This is the machine you should look at if you are serious. The rig is a little high priced but I think that if you want to do the used oil thing in a big way you should be looking at this pretty hard.

Here is an 'All in One" site that has complete do it yourself plans for anyone who is looking at biodeisel  for off the grid power setups.

Here is another place to check out for some cool ideas and plans.

And for some more fun take a look at this site for some ideas about using your biodesiel electric source to mine gold.